8-days workshop

Space Architecture

April 25th - May 4th 2022

International Space University,
Illkirch-Graffenstaden - France

Space workers of the future

Space workers
of the future

Given the incredible worldwide success of the online Space Architecture & Design course, the School of Disruption continues its mission to democratize access to innovation and become a reference point for a new space practitioners’ community. With a key partnership with the International Space University (ISU), the School aims to integrate programs for growing the skills and visions of its community and improving the knowledge production in the Space field.

The first chapter of the partnership took place at ISU with a workshop involving ten internationally renowned experts who actively everyday work in the space industry. They took turns in lectures covering the most important topics of Space Architecture. The highly practical approach permitted participants a highly engaging experience, dividing them into multicultural teams focused on space design projects.

Space architecture goes beyond the traditional concept of architecture and design. A cross-pollination perspective ran the workshop among different fields indispensable for designing human life in Space and on other planets (Earth included).


AstraLoop is a transdisciplinary consulting company that aims to enhance space architectural projects’ experience on spatial habitation, sociocultural system studies and space accessibility. With this…
In our current space exploration, all crewed missions are executed in microgravity.We have learned that microgravity affects the human body in a debilitating physiological way. Since we are considerin…
OASIS – Mars surface habitat
In 2035, humankind with all its nations have agreed to settle the solar system, to do so they have chosen the best scientists and engineers fitted for the mission to embark them on the journey to Mars…
”When I first looked back at the Earth, standing on the Moon, I cried.” Alan Shepard The project is based on comparative insights from all other workshop projects. The exploration was conducted …


The Space Architecture & Design course is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to enter this market of infinite potential.

Our Instructors

René Waclavicek

Space Architecture
Liquifer Systems Group

Virginia Wotring

Human Performance
International Space University

Danijela Stupar

In-Situ-Resource Utilisation (ISRU)
International Space University

Igor Ciminelli

Founder and Managing Director

Barbara Imhof

Space Architecture
Liquifer Systems Group

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