Designing for Earth by Living in Space

Space Architecture Workshop

Held on June 12 thJune 16th in Lugano, Switzerland

Learning from Space to design a more sustainable World

In collaboration with internationally renowned experts, the second edition of the Space Architecture Workshop aimed to transfer the know-how from the space field to create better designs and systems for earth.

Participants from 15 countries around the world designed projects following this approach.

The impact of knowledge transfer from space interprets space environments as analogous to modern technology-dense cities.

Design, ideas, and technologies for space can immediately impact the development of cities and homes on earth.

We must consider a new relationship between humans, their habitats, transport methods, and the environment.

To achieve the goal of life in space, new technologies and approaches to design are being developed with zero-waste philosophy and full recycling as a paradigm.


DRAINA – A drop in the desert
Our mother planet is suffering from climate change and desertification, which are the results of the over-exploitation of natural resources. Analog missions nowadays play a significant role in overcom…


The Space Architecture & Design course is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to enter this market of infinite potential.

Our Instructors

Christophe Lasseur

Project Manager – MELiSSA Project European Space Agency

Christina Ciardullo

Space Architect SEArch+

Angelo Vermeulen

Researcher Biologist and Artist TU Delft University

René Waclavicek

Space Architecture
Liquifer Systems Group

Virginia Wotring

Human Performance
International Space University

Barbara Imhof

Space Architecture
Liquifer Systems Group

Our Jury

Igor Ciminelli

Founder and Managing Director

Barbara Imhof

Space Architecture and
Workshop Curator
Liquifer Systems Group

Maria A. Perino

Director International Network Opportunities Development THALES ALENIA SPACE

Umberto Ceccarelli

Metaverse Architect and advisor PINI GROUP

Carlo Colombo

Interior Designer and Co-Founder A++ GROUP

Adolfo Suarez

Partner and Director L22 Retail LOMBARDINI22

René Waclavicek

Space Architect and
Workshop Curator
Liquifer Systems Group

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